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Variable frequency drives for induction motors
Low voltage variable frequency drives PCTE-T222
Medium voltage variable frequency drives of PCTE-TV series
Controlgear assembly of PCTE-T221 series on the base of sub synchronous cascade (SSC) for control over slip ring induction motors


Municipal economy

Участие в проекте природоохранной политики и технологии под руководством Агентства США по международному развитию USAID

Participation in the Environmental Policy and Technology Project under the direction of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

On the base of agreement between the Government of Ukraine and Government of the United States of America about Humanitarian, Technical and Economical co- operation dated May, 7, 1992 , under the direction of United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Environmental Policy and Technology Project was worked out. As coordinator and manager of work, company CH2M HILL International Services, Inc., Washington , D.C. was nominated. This company have organized the tender for delivery and turnkey commissioning of set of 800 kW adjustable speed drive for Sokilnyky Pumping Station of municipal enterprise “Lvivvodokanal”, Lviv, Ukraine. In the tender 13 electric engineering companies of the world took part. CH2M HILL has nominated the winner – Scientific Production Enterprise EOS Ltd., Kharkov , Ukraine . The choice of EOS Ltd. as the winner was caused by the fact that EOS has offered the products, which completely meets the technical specification, the best world’s achievements in the field of variable frequency drives, electronics and automation, the latest applicable standards of the Ukraine (DSTU and GOST), and the USA (NEMA and IEEE), and in the same time with prices, which are the most competitive in comparison with other companies.

The set of adjustable speed drive has included power transformer; frequency converter; drive motor, automation, diagnostic and visualization system. All works under contract: design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, adjustment, start-up and job-site training were made punctually in accordance with approved schedule. The American party has appreciated highly the quality of performance of products and work. Introduction of the system of the adjustable speed electric drive has brought a considerable economical effect.
Программа энергосбережения на ПО «Минскводоканал»

Energy saving program in municipal enterprise “Minskvodokanal”.

During realization of the complex energy saving program in municipal water supply and sewerage enterprise “Minskvodokanal”, Minsk, Republic of Belarus, dozens sets of variable frequency drives with capacity up to 800 kW were delivered and commissioned - in water pumping stations of the first and second lifting, relift pumping stations, sewerage pumping stations.

Supplying VFD for Kirovogradvodokanal

For solving the problems of energy saving, PCTE-1600-T222 variable frequency drive was supplied to Kirovogradvodokanal municipal enterprise, Kirovograd, Ukraine. In this case the existing synchronous motor with 6 kV rated voltage was changed to special variable frequency squirrel cage induction motor with 0,66 kV rated voltage.

Power industry

Delivery of 1250 kW variable frequency drive for Gomel heat and power plantПоставка частотнорегулируемого электропривода Гомельской ТЭЦ

As result of win in international tender, complete controlgear of PCTE-1250-T222 for variable frequency drive of network pump of Gomel heat and power plant, Gomel, Republic of Belarus was delivered.

The electric drive is completed with an induction motor for rated voltage 660 (690) V with high power and dynamic capability, which is specially designed for operation with a frequency converter. As a result of introduction of the variable frequency drive, energy saving over 30% was achieved. Besides that, VFD in power range 160 – 1600 kW manufactured by EOS Ltd. were commissioned.

Delivery of variable frequency drives for heat and power plants of Minsk

With the framework of realization of the program of technical reconstruction and energy saving, variable frequency drives of PCTE series for pump and fan drives of capacity 75 – 1600 kW were delivered to Minsk heat and power plants No. 4 and 5.

Oil industry

Introduction of PCTE variable frequency drives on operating oil pumping station “Kalamkas”.

For the first time on the territory of New Independent States, variable frequency drives were introduced successfully on oil pumping station “Kalamkas” of JSC “KazTransOil”.

Внедрение частотнорегулируемых электроприводов PCTE на действующей НПС «Каламкас» Located on Buzachi peninsula, OPS “Kalamkas” was the most distant from power source – Mangyshlak nuclear power complex. Development of new oil fields in this area caused increasing energy usage. Startup of pumping units on the OPS “Kalamkas” till 2001 became problematic because of durable and hard starts of induction electric motors, what caused their turn- off by relay protection units. The second problem was regulation of pumping mode, and it was decided by two ways – pressure regulation on the station output with pressure regulator and selection of aggregates with different diameters of impellers. The task of keeping of determined pressure on the station output causes another problem – the problem of end seals, as in the pump cave and pipeline section from the pump to the pressure regulator, the maximal operation pump pressure was present constantly. Operation of aggregates in such modes was accompanied by increasing noise and vibration, what reduced general reliability of aggregate operation and caused increased attrition of pumps and motors.

As result of win in a tender, variable frequency drives of PCTE-T222 series of EOS manufacturing of capacity 1000 and 1250 kW were delivered and commissioned on “turn key” conditions. The works were performed at conditions of the operative oil pumping station and were finished in the planned terms punctually. PCTE has a container version with a climate control system. Owing to this fact, an optimal temperature mode of the equipment was provided at desert condition, protection from the dust, including the salt one.

After introduction, an evaluation of introduction effect of the variable frequency drives was carried out.

The first most noticeable result was possibility of soft start of the electric motor with current which do not exceed 0,5 I rated. Using frequency start, hydraulic hammers in the pipeline were eliminated; dynamic loads on end seals and angular-contract bearings of the pumping unit were reduced. Using 2 sets of variable speed drives allows increasing reliability of operation of the oil pumping station, due to reservation in operation, lessening of breakage of motors, pumps and other equipment.

The second important factor was energy saving. Now the frequency converter regulates oil pressure in the pipeline on the station output and flow. The energy consumption for pumping of 1 t of oil was reduced in 2,5 times.

The following result was drastic reduction of noise and vibrations in the motor and the pump. The valve of the pressure regulator on the station output is completely open now. Using PCTE variable frequency drive for control over the standard induction motor of 4AZMP series has reduced loads, heating and noises in the motor in static and dynamic modes.

Внедрение частотнорегулируемых электроприводов на НПС «Большой Чаган» экспортного нефтепровода Атырау- Самара

Application of variable frequency drives at oil pumping station “Bolshoi Chagan” of export oil pipeline Atyrau - Samara

 As a result of co- operation of some companies, 4 sets of variable frequency drives for NM 3600-230 main oil pumps of capacity 3150 kW at oil pumping station “Bolshoy Chagan” (Republic of Kazakhstan) of export oil pipeline Atyrau – Samara were manufactured, delivered and commissioned. The system integrated complex of equipment containing frequency converters in container version with climate control system, special dry converter transformers for outdoor installation, interface coupling with SCADA and set of other equipment was supplied. Problems of electromagnetic compatibility of the frequency converter with standard induction motors were completely decided.

 Application of variable frequency drives at Kumkol inlet oil pump station
Kumkol is the biggest oil field in the central part of Kazakhstan. This is one of the principal sources for supplying of Atasu – Alashankou Kazakhstan- China main oil pipeline. At Kumkol inlet oil pump station of JSC “Kaztransoil”, at conditions of acutely continental climate, sets of variable frequency drives of PCTE series of 3500 kW capacity in container version were delivered and commissioned. VFDs were made on the base of 12- pulse converter, which provide their electromagnetic compatibility with neighboring equipment placed at the station.

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