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Variable frequency drives for induction motors
Low voltage variable frequency drives PCTE-T222
Medium voltage variable frequency drives of PCTE-TV series
Controlgear assembly of PCTE-T221 series on the base of sub synchronous cascade (SSC) for control over slip ring induction motors


Implementation of energy-saving technologies and automation facilities is not simply purchase and sale of wares. High economical result and short payback period of investment can be reached only under condition of competent performance of a row of works.


One of success factors is a correct choice of implementation object. Consumer’s specialists know well production techniques and operation modes of equipment. Specialists of EOS for energy management and energy audit know properties of their own products and evaluation methods of energy savings. As a result of teamwork at consumer’s enterprise, and maybe with subcontracting of a designer, a complex preliminary design on the base of implementation of energy-saving technologies and automation facilities appears. At that, calculation of energy saving, payback period, selection the most effective equipment for decision of set tasks are performed, and technical and commercial offer for its delivery is composed.

For performance of large-scale industrial projects, consortiums are formed, with participation of design and financial organizations, and manufacturers of equipment from various countries of the world. As a result, the synergy effect is reached – the whole complex of equipment is most compatible in technical performance, has a competitive price and is delivered on optimal terms.

Turnkey commissioning

On delivery of equipment, a complex of installation works, adjustment and commissioning is performed. The works are carried out with participation of special constructing-and-mounting organizations in customer’s country and in close co- operation with specialists of a consumer. EOS Ltd. has correspondent licenses issued in a row of countries.

Besides succeeding the purpose set in a design statement, as result of joint creative work of specialists of EOS and a consumer, other positive effects can be achieved, which could nod foreseen at the design stage.

Training of personal

During adjustment and commissioning, training of consumer’s personal on operation rules with equipment is carried out. More complete theoretical and practical training is performed in research laboratory, test station and training class of EOS Ltd.. Leading specialists of EOS carries out training. On finishing of the training course, a certificate is issued.  

After-sales service

Relations with users are not ended after termination of warranty period. Within lifetime of equipment, technical support of our customers, consultations on application capability and removing of arisen problems are carried out. Various technical assistances can be rendered. And, naturally, supply of necessary spare parts.


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